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17 October, 2015
8:00 am
Whistler Olympic Plaza , 4144 Village Stroll Whistler, BC V0N Join us

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Join us:

PRR is happy to announce that we’ll be sponsoring teams that enter the Whister 50 this year!

We’ve already put two teams into this relay – 1-8 person team and 1-4 person team. We’d love to get a little club competition going and enter more than 1 team in each division – mostly for bragging rights – but also for a good social experience.

If you don’t know much about this event, here’s a small blurb and a link to check out:
Whister 50 Relay & Ultra
October 17, 2015
This annual event can be completed as an 2, 4, or 8-person 50 mile relay race or a solo ultra-marathon, centred around Whistler Village and the Valley Trail system. 8 person relay legs alternate between 13K and 7K, and 2 and 4 person relay teams alternate with 20k legs. The course is traffic free with minimal road crossings. Approximately 13km of each loop is on a paved trail, and the remaining 7K are on wide, hard packed gravel trails, and no major climbs or descents. The trails will also be open to the public on race day. A portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting local food banks.


So now some more nitty gritty stuff:
1) The club will subsidize each person $20 for participating in the event.
2) We usually have an after race social at one of the Whistler pubs/restaurants
3) This year, there’s a beer garden at the end, so yay!
4) $85-90 per person for the relay – $20 club reimbursement = $65-70 for the race. What a deal!

If you want to participate, please let me know ASAP with the following information:
*Do you want to run 7, 13, or 20 K
*What is your 10K time

We’ll put teams together so they are the most equal to each other to make the overall competition and finish line more exciting.

Don’t want to run but still want to be a part of the excitement, beer garden, and party? You’re in luck, as we need volunteers too: 1 per team.

ALL TEAMS (from any town) are required to provide volunteer assistance with the running of this race:
All teams will provide one volunteer per team who will be given a choice of locations / times at which to volunteer, or will be assigned where needed.
Volunteers can be team members running an early or late leg, and assigned to a corresponding late or early volunteer position.
Listing complete volunteer information is a pre-requisite for team registration.
Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older.
A volunteer cannot volunteer for more than one team (teams cannot “share” a volunteer).

Thanks, and let’s make a great October event!

Follow this link to pay http://www.pacificroadrunners.ca/payments/whistler-50/