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05 December, 2015
10:00 am
Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery Street, Vancouver BC, V6R 4L9 Join us

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Before the indulgence of the Christmas party in the evening head down to the beach in the morning and take part in tis club sponsored event.

A classic cross-country course which includes sections of grass, trail, hills and sandy beach. Depending on weather conditions you can expect varying amounts of mud and water (but always some!). Shoes with good mud traction are recommended. Spikes are optional.

There are two options, 10km run two laps and 5km one lap of the course.

The club will cover $20 of the entry fee if you cross the start line and with this race that pretty much pays for the day.

More details can be found here http://www.lgrr.com/gshaw/