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09 June, 2015
Grouse Grind Lower Lot, Join us

Join us:

It’s that time of year again – time for the Annual Grouse Grind Social!  This year’s event is next Tuesday, June 6.

Instead of meeting at the FCCC for our typical Tuesday night run, we’ll all meet at the entrance to the Grouse Grind around 5:45.  The plan is to start up the Grind at 6pm, and meet at the top for celebratory nachos (on the club), drinks and dinner.

We need sherpas to help bring bags to the top, so even if you’re not going to hike, please come along and help bring bags to the top.  The club will pay for your trip up and down in exchange for your hard work.  Andy Poon has already agreed to be one sherpa; we probably need 2 more to make sure all of the gear makes it to the top.

To help offset sherpa costs, we’ll need a few annual passes to use, so please bring yours if you have one.  Also, you can use your annual pass for your download.  If you don’t have an annual pass no worries, the club will pay for your download ticket.

Please carpool as much as possible, just because the lot is often full.  And remember, the lots are now pay lots.

Quick note: the service in the restaurant is often slow, and large groups like ours can be difficult to manage.  Please order drinks, food, and nachos for the table as soon as you arrive to assure that you get your food.  You can put the nachos on a separate bill as the club will cover those, but please don’t wait for the whole group to arrive to order.

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you all on the mountain!