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Birch Bay International Road Race  – March 29  2014 – race report by Kristine

Birch Bay is a fun, low key race held each spring, just across the Canada – US Border.
Participants can choose from distances of 5km, 15km and 30km.

To make the race a bit more interesting, there is a Club Challenge, where runners who choose to run for a club or team are awarded points depending on their placing. Runners Den and PRR have a friendly rivalry in the Club Challenge. Last year, PRR was victorious. And this year… well you will just have to read on and see.

The race starts at 8:30 am, so it was easily a day trip. Our day began with a 5 am wake up call. So, so early.  A quick trip across the border (though some child proof locks made exiting the car interesting).  May have also been some rumors of a border crossing with an expired passport.  Fortunately our wayward member made it across with only a lecture, a brochure and a label of “non – compliant.” An interesting way to start off race day…

With border lineups being mercifully short, plenty of time remained for securing caffeine, milling about the start, and repeated trips to the porta potty.  Note to self: make sure the latch on the porta – potty is securely latched once inside.

Cool overcast weather made for good racing conditions save for some nasty headwinds and rain later in the race. An out and back course meant all the distances overlapped and we were able to see and cheer on our fellow runners.

Many thanks to our cheering squad, and a special mention to Bettie Neels for her photography skills (and willingness to stand out in the cold to capture all our racers).

While PRR had hoped to defend our title, we were outnumbered. Runners Den sent 40 runners to PRR’s 17 and PRR had to settle for second place. For the number of runners we did have, PRR did a commendable job, with multiple age group placings and several top 10 performances overall, across all distances.

Congratulations to all the racers, and PRR will bring back a larger contingent next year to reclaim the Club trophy.

PRR results (top 3 age-group placings noted in parentheses):


Susan 2:13:45 (1st);   Kylie 2:27:39 (2nd);  David 2:27:40;   John 2:33:30 (1st)


Kristine 1:04:16 (1st);  Terry 1:08:48 (2nd);   Karen 1:09:04 (2nd);  Grant 1:10:09 (3rd);   Loreena 1:12:37 (3rd);   Janet 1:15:08 (1st);   Laura 1:16:45 (3rd);   Sukhi 1:17:06;   Monique 1:22:54 (3rd);   Monika 1:25:07;   Carol C 1:30:12 (1st); Bill P 1:35:32;   Sierra 1:35:36 (1st in the two-years-old stroller division);   Arthur 1:44:43 (2nd)


Blake {Monika’s son} 22:39 (1st)

Full results and photos available via this race website page:  www.birchbayroadrace.com/results

Bettie’s photos:  http://www.pacificroadrunners.ca/gallery/